Know Your Customers

Who's using GraphDive



Segment and market to your users based on their inferred demographics + interests.


Personalize recommendations for each user based on their inferred interests.

New User Acquisition

Find new users that look like your best current customers.


  • "GraphDive offers a game changer for any e-commerce business: the ability to truly understand and engage users using social graph data."

    Nikhil Behl, CEO, ZooStores

  • "This is the holy grail of social: the ability to use Facebook, Google+ or Twitter data to instantly personalize your offerings for users. GraphDive has created a category killer!"

    Tony Miranz, Former CEO, Vudu (Walmart)

  • "I have worked in e-commerce and product recommendations for five years and believe that what GraphDive has created has the potential to be an industry first, and best."

    J. Pindado, GM, Strands Recommender

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